Welcome to Olamar Interiors

(Formerly Creative Elegance Interiors)

"My design philosophy is simple. Your home should not only reflect who you are but also work for the way you live in it and use it every day. To me luxury is living in a space that all of your family and friends love to visit and never seem to want to leave. It’s truly enjoying your home and the time you spend in it."   Paola McDonald

You've landed on our site for a reason. Perhaps you recently purchased a new home and are looking to create a warm, inviting, sophisticated feel right from the start. Or perhaps it's time to give your older home a fresh update. Maybe your kitchen is screaming 1980s and it's time to bring it into the 21st century. You may be considering a major home improvement project and want the great design, supreme attention to detail and responsiveness that only a professional interior designer can provide.  There could be many reasons why you are searching for the perfect interior designer for your upcoming design project and we are so glad you are here.

We too are looking for ideal design clients. Clients who want home spaces that they can truly enjoy with their loved ones. Clients who appreciate outstanding quality and superior, hands-on service, and who understand the value of hiring a professional to ensure that their project is handled with individual attention, creativity, and reliable collaboration.