Sustainable Design

We are committed to providing our clients with clean, healthy, sustainable, fair trade and environmentally friendly design.  In March 2017 Paola McDonald, Owner and Principal Designer, became certified at a GreenLeader by the Sustainable Furnishings Council.  This program certifies her, and Olamar Interiors, to provide sustainable home furnishings, pertaining to environmental concerns, consumer understanding, components, design principles and store operations.  

We are currently partnering with vendors and manufacturers that are committed to and working towards managing every aspect of their manufacturing and business practices so as to keep the environment and our homes as healthy, clean and safe as possible.  We are currently assessing our own procedures as a company, from our day to day office routines, to our sourcing practices, in order to ensure that we are doing everything within our power to keep our earth healthy and not contribute to the ongoing issues around global warming, pollution, and human rights violations.  Additionally, we are concerned about the healthiness of our clients' homes.  Paola's own children suffer from asthma and allergies.  She is committed to providing her own children and her clients' families with safest, cleanest products for their homes.

Please ask us about our sustainable design services.  We are happy to assist with providing details, resources and information regarding our efforts, as well as the composition and life cycles of the furnishings and finishes we source for our clients.  To learn more about the GreenLeaders initiative, visit The Sustainable Furnishings Council GreenLeaders webpage.