There are several stages children go through that often require transforming their rooms and personal spaces. Whether a toddler is ready for her big girl room, or a tween is ready for his teen room, here are some important things to consider so that the transformation is a success:

Listen carefully to your child’s ideas and make sure to include them in the process. Everyone deserves their own space to express themselves at home. Children often have amazing, unique, out-of-the-box ideas that can make for some truly original designs.

Be smart about where you spend your money in children’s spaces. A few years down the road their style will likely change once again. Try to invest in the main furniture pieces and try to keep those as style-neutral as you can. This will allow you to change things like paint colors and accessories easily later on.

Don’t be afraid of color. Kids usually tend to like brighter, bolder colors. Don’t be afraid to let them express themselves. Add an accent wall in a bold, bright color. Paint is a relatively inexpensive way to make a big impact on a space and is easy to change later down the road.

Give plenty of consideration to the various existing and potential future storage needs of your child. Consider carefully the types of toys, books, arts and crafts supplies, sports equipment, etc. that your child currently has and may have in the next few years.

Think about how to make room cleanup easy and even fun for your little ones. Easy-to-reach pull-out bins and baskets with fun labels can help a little one be excited about keeping her toys and other items organized.

Built-ins are a great option for children’s rooms. They can help create storage, seating and desk space. They can also be customized to grow with your child. Again, make sure to consider current and future needs during the built-in design phase.

Don’t be afraid to have fun! Even if the rest of your home is neutral and calm in its design style, allow yourself and your kids a space to be a little wild and creative.