Our Team

Paola Martinez

Owner & Principal Designer

Home is a place to make memories and messes. It should be a place that family and friends love to visit and never seem to want to leave…

I am the proud mother of two beautiful children. As a mom, I have quickly learned that a home has to work for those who live in it. Function is of first and foremost importance when you have children and dogs (I have two of those furry children as well). Living with (all my) children has helped me understand that a home is more than just a place to hang your hat. It should be a place where all members of the family feel safe, comfortable and happy. Home is a place to make memories and messes. It should be a place that all members of the family love and want to be in most of the time.

I often get asked about the name Olamar. It came about during our rebrand in 2013 and reflects who I am as a designer and who we are as a design studio.  The name was derived from my first name and my given last name (PaOLA MARtinez).  Changing the company name for me reflects how much of myself I put into my work, my business and my clients.  It also represents my culture and heritage (I was born in the Dominican Republic, as well as my connection to and love of the sea (in Spanish Ola means wave and Mar means ocean).  The intertwined nature of the new logo represents the give and take relationship we strive to achieve with each and every client.  The new name represents the evolution of myself as a designer and of our studio in the last ten years.

Meet our team

Tucker Martinez

Tucker Martinez

Writer and Official Ball of Energy

Tucker was born in West Virginia and made his way to the Northern Virginia area as a puppy of 10 weeks, in search of a forever home. I found him through a non-profit rescue and was able to bring him home at 12 weeks, and I thank my lucky stars every day. You know that saying, “who saved who”? You may have seen it on dog rescue bumper stickers. Well it sums up my feelings about the joy that this “perpetual puppy” brings into my life.

Bruno Martinez

Bruno Martinez

Director of Community Support and Official Cuddler

Bruno came to me by chance. While peeking through Facebook one day, a post came up about this “shelter favorite” who was at risk of being euthanized if he didn’t find his forever home. Something inside me said that this dog was supposed to be mine. Without hesitation (or too much forethought) I sprung into action and volunteered to foster him, in order to see how he would respond to Tucker and the children. As soon as he arrived he made himself at home cuddling next to us on the couch. His demeanor has completely changed from a shy, submissive dog to a happy go lucky, extremely cuddly pup. He’s an amazing dog and a testament to the merits of dog rescue.

To begin our intake process, please contact us at 571-239-8845 or inquiry@olamarinteriors.com or complete our survey!