Going Green, Paola McDonald Wins Sustainability Award

By Sharon Jaffe Dan, Home and Design Magazine, March/April 2017

True Blue:

A Dated Home Gets a Contemporary Overhaul with a Sea-Inspired Palette of Blue and Grey

By Kathleen Birmingham, Make it Over Magazine Spring 2015

Holiday Entertaining

Flexible Tables and Chairs

By Kathleen Birmingham, Make it Over Magazine Spring 2015

Favorite Rooms

Home and Design Magazine 2014 Sourcebook

The Joy of Adding Art to Your Home

As Seen in Haymarket Lifestyles, November 2014

Prince William Living

Olamar Interiors Designer and Owner Paola McDonald Wins Two 2013 Interior Design Society Designer of the Year Awards

As Seen in Prince William Living, Tuesday 18 March 2014

Contemporary Canvas

As seen in Home and Design Magazine, March 2013.

The Real Housewives of Northern Virginia:

Leading Ladies: Paola McDonald of Creative Elegance Interiors

The Real Life Decorator:

Choosing Drapes for Oversized Windows

As seen in Haymarket Lifestyles Magazine, March 2012.

The Real Life Decorator:

Creating an Outdoor Space That is an Extension of Your Indoor Space

As seen in Haymarket Lifestyles Magazine, June 2012.

The Real Life Decorator:

Your New Resource for Real Life Interior Decorating

As Seen in Haymarket Lifestyles Magazine, December 2011.

Arlington bachelor pad has a retro Modern Twist

When Rick Weissenstein purchased his Arlington town house two years ago, he immediately rejected the traditional Williamsburg interior and asked Paola McDonald to transform the four-level home into a midcentury Modernist bachelor pad.


The real life decorator

Interior design for your real life is more attainable than you might think. It just takes a little creativity and a close look within your own community.

Choosing the perfect paint color

Painting can be the most impactful and often least expensive ways to completely change the look of a room…

Family photos create everchanging interior design

Alison and Paul Griffin made a point of taking photos of their children as they grew. Designer Paola McDonald helped them incorporate those photos into their decor.

Home Seller Tips:

Neutralize to Emphasize Space for Easier Home Sale

Paola McDonald, certified interior decorator and owner of Creative Elegance Interiors in Northern Virginia, says the most important thing a seller can do when preparing a house for sale is “neutralizing it.”

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