New Construction Projects

Finish Selection Services

Building a new home can be overwhelming.  Many people choosing to build a custom home don’t realize the number of decisions that need to be made prior to and during the construction process to ensure that the overall design is cohesive and that every detail is addressed with purpose.


Olamar provides clients who are building a new home with the design support required to ensure that every decision, no matter how minute, is addressed with purpose, keeping the overall big picture for the aesthetic and function of the home in mind.


We also support builders that build custom home for their clients, and want to provide them with a seamless, streamlined, organized design selection process.

Please ask us about our finish selection services. We are happy to assist with providing details, resources and information regarding our efforts.

Services include:

  • Exterior finish and color selection and specification, including siding, stone, brick, stucco, doors, decks, handrails, windows, trim, soffits, garage door design, etc.
  • Detailed kitchen, bar and bathroom layouts and assistance selecting all materials, finishes (cabinets, countertops, tile, etc.), functional storage decisions, etc.
  • Custom architectural detail designs (built-ins, fireplaces, niches, ceiling details, etc.)
  • Flooring selections.
  • Stair and railing design.
  • Interior and exterior lighting selections.
  • Hardware, plumbing fixture and accessory selection and specification.
  • Interior colors and wall covering selection and specification.
To begin our intake process, please contact us at 571-239-8845 or or complete our survey!