There is something so comforting about home around the holidays. I love the tradition of pulling out all of the holiday decorations and giving the entire home that festive, decorated feeling. In my family, we typically wake up early on the first Saturday after Thanksgiving, turn on some Christmas music and spend most of the day putting together our tree, deciding what ornaments should go where, and taking turns placing them and all of the pieces we’ve lovingly collected over the years, throughout the house. Once it’s all up, there is something so heartwarming about the feeling it all evokes.

This year this tradition is getting modified, but for a very good reason. I have submitted a contract and waiting to finalize the purchase of my new home in Warrenton, VA, after a year and a half spent in rental townhouse in Bristow. The sale, if everything goes smoothly, will be settled on December 18. On that very day, I intend to take the children to buy this year’s Christmas tree and to take it directly to the new house and set it up.
This year we will be starting new traditions around the holidays, very special ones, that are so meaningful to me. It will be the first home I have purchased for myself. It will be mine to create my memories with my children, family and friends. This Christmas will be incredibly special to me because it will be in my “HOME.” And I’m so excited for all that will mean to me for the coming years. -Paola
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