Olamar’s own, interior designer Maria Causey recently attended the Western Loudoun County Artists Studio Tour and was so excited by what she saw that she wanted to share her experience as well as her recommendations for incorporating art into your home design to help showcase your personal style on our blog:

There’s nothing I like more than helping clients make their homes personal and unique by incorporating original art into their room designs. I love finding a piece that a client loves and using that as inspiration for the design of a room. If you don’t have any original art or don’t know what kind of art you like, I highly recommend going out and seeing art in person. There’s no need to go to a DC museum (although I highly recommend that too!). Great art is in your own back yard.

I had the privilege of going to the Western Loudoun Artists Studio Tour a few weeks ago. This annual tour is free and open to the public. I got to see a wide variety of art, from sculptures to photography to paintings.

Even better, I got to meet some amazing artists, like Judith Thompson, who creates stunning, colorful and often whimsical paintings. This is her take on Boticelli’s “Allegory of Spring”:

Want something quieter, more serene? Try a beautiful painting from Donna Clark:

There are so many styles of art to choose from. Go for something that speaks to you, not just something that matches your room. Maybe a still life or portrait from Suzanne Arthur Lago:

or Kurt Schwarz (who, by the way, also runs a farm and vineyard):

Maybe a portrait of your pet by Simon Bland:

Maybe abstract art is more to your liking. Here’s a piece by digital artist Jan Blacka:

If you love photography, an interesting photo of a local landmark from Jeff Miller would be a great choice:

There are many art shows and art galleries in the Northern VA area. I’ll be profiling some in future blogs and showing you some examples of designs that incorporate some pieces by local artists, as well as providing tips on how to showcase your art pieces. Don’t be intimidated: great art can be had for as little as $150. Buy the best art you can afford. Ask questions. Make your home your own and support a local artist!