A lot can happen in seven years. And, for me, the past seven years have brought changes I never could have foreseen when I started my company as a one-woman studio back then. At the time, I was focusing on smaller decorating projects, and I didn’t know much about marketing and branding. I chose a name for my company that I liked, and a talented friend of mine designed my first logo and color scheme.

From there, we built a website that was simple, elegant and functional for the company’s needs at the time. Fast-forward seven years, and a lot has changed – particularly in the last two years. My studio has evolved into a full-service interior design firm focusing on complete space redesigns including small and large renovation and remodel projects including supervision and implementation services. We’ve grown in expertise, talent and numbers.

When I began, it was just me; I was the owner/designer/office manager/sales coordinator – in other words, I had to be the jack-of-all-trades for a growing studio. Looking back, it’s amazing that I was able to have time to get design projects done! Now, I’ve grown my team to include two designers, one design assistant, an office manager, and a marketing coordinator. Each member of our team can focus on what she does best so that we can serve more clients at a higher level of service.

As our team and client base grew, we realized we were growing right out of our current website and brand. Technology was evolving – especially in the areas of social media and sharing – and our original website just couldn’t keep up with the Pinterest/Houzz/Facebook/Twitter trend. We realized it was time for an upgrade … I can’t wait to share the rest of our rebranding story with you, including how we selected the name, logo and colors that both felt like “us” and would hopefully appeal to our clients. Stay tuned for the continued story of Olamar Interiors in our blog!

We’ve come a long way. This was on of our first full service design projects about five years ago.