This spring I have been doing a lot of thinking about personal style. I’ve been thinking that what truly makes personal style is the little things, the little touches that we add to our décor to let everyone who enters our space know that we live there. It gives them a sense of who we are. In our article for our monthly newsletter this month I gave some tips and ideas about how to really make your interiors you. I wanted to share those tips in hopes that this information helps you find your own personal style and how to share it in your home spaces.

How to Find and Add Your Own Personal Style to Your Décor

  • If you love it, it will work – that is the only design rule that really matters.

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  • Don’t be afraid to try it out – its okay to fail but you’ll never know if you don’t try.
  • Mix and match – it doesn’t all have to match. Actually, rooms look and feel more natural when things are little mismatch-y.

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  • Forget about symmetry – try hanging your family photos or art collage in an asymmetrical way – practice by laying it out on the floor in front of your wall before hanging or cut pieces of paper to the size of your art and tape it to the wall, move things around until you find a fun way to arrange your pieces – mix in artifacts, knick knacks and shelves with your collage – add non-matching frames and mix black and white photos with color photos.Display your collections – whether it’s a large collection of books or Star Wars figurines, don’t be afraid to display them. Design a creative built-in or find a unique bookcase to showcase your collection.
  • Don’t be afraid to mix styles – that antique coffee table from your grandmother can go great with a contemporary sofa. Don’t be afraid to mix styles, it gives a space more texture and life and reflects who you are and your history.

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  • Design around your lifestyle – if you have kids, keeping toys at bay in every room is not going to be possible. Instead, embrace where you are in life – place attractive baskets or bins, or purchase coffee and side tables with storage, in the rooms where your children hang out and play and don’t stress when they make a mess. They have to enjoy living there as well. If you have dogs, purchase attractive dog beds that coordinate with your décor. You could also create a fabulous rug out of Flor™tiles that can easily be replaced if they come in with muddy paws

A fun bathroom is perfect for your children. When they grow older, you can simple replace the green 3-form polyresin inserts ( with clear glass for a more classic look.