I am often asked by my clients what the best way is to incorporate photos and memorabilia from their family vacations.  And what better way to relive those amazing moments often, than by giving them a special place within your interior design?  Inevitably, my answer to them is always the same… there is no best way, only the way that is best for you and your home.  Needless to say, when clients provide me with these types of challenges I am always excited because they allow me to create something meaningful, unique and creative for them specifically.  It often turns into a great collage or display that was designed specifically for the types of collectables and photos that they themselves collected and is also driven by their design style and personal tastes.

Step #1 – Take stock of what you have collected and would be proud and excited to display.  Figure out exactly what it is you want to display.  Have you collected amazing photos of the scenery in the places you have travelled, post cards, certain kinds of knick knacks, etc.?  Figure out what items you find most attractive.  Realize that displays are often better in groups of odd numbers and figure out if you want this display to grow over time, as you collect more items from future travel.


Step #2 – Decide how to best display your items.  If you have photos, are they in color or black and white?  Do you only have photos or a combination of photos and knick knacks, sculptures or other items that require table top display space?  This will allow you to consider the type of display you will need and if you will have to get creative with a combination of displays.


Step #3 – Try to find the common denominator.  If your photos are all in color, perhaps picking the same color frames and mats is the best option.  Conversely, if all your interior design is more eclectic, consider mix and matching frames or framing in the style of the place the photo was taken (color frame, colorful mat, a certain style frame, etc.).  If all of your collectables are small, consider a specific type of display highlighting the collection that will draw people to it to explore it in better detail.



Step #4 – Get really creative.  Did you know that there are companies that can turn your photographs into wallpaper?  Or consider doing your own arts and crafts project, framing the photos in a unique way so as to create an incredible feature wall everyone will talk about.

Our award winning sustainable design project in DC where we created a custom wallpaper utilizing the client’s travel photos.