VIP Day Service

We also offer a budget-friendly, VIP Day Service for those clients who would like to spend the better part of the day working on a specific list of design projects with our designer, in their home. This is ideal for the do-it-yourselfer who would like the guidance of a design professional in setting forth a plan and direction for the design of a few areas in their home. After completing a form outlining your project priorities, this service will provide six hours of in-home consultation as well as a detailed follow-up report outlining the outcomes of the in-home consultation, samples, shopping details and pricing information. Two follow-up phone or email consultations are also included with this service to ensure that implementation of the project is going smoothly.


VIP Day Design Service Cost: $1800

Our VIP Day Service Process:

1. VIP Day Priorities Intake Form

We ask you to complete a more comprehensive form, detailing the priority projects you want to focus on for our time together.

2. VIP Day Phone Consultation

Once you submit the form, we will schedule a phone consultation with our Designer to discuss the your priorities and ensure that we understand exactly what you want to accomplish during out work together.

3. In-home Consultation

We will schedule our six hour in-home consultation on a day that is convenient for you.  We will ask you to have a laptop or tablet available as well as comfortable working location.  We will bring a picnic lunch and spend our six hour timeframe working through each priority space, determining what furnishings, floor coverings, case-goods, window treatments and finishing touches would work best in each space.

4. Design Report

Once we have completed our work in-home, the Designer will return to the studio and will pull together a comprehensive report, outlining all of the items we decided on, and including shopping details, samples and pricing proposals she can pull to support the design.  This easy to follow, step-by-step guide to implementing your design will be mailed directly to you.

5. Follow Up Support

We will provide you with two 15-minute phone call and two 15-minute email follow up consultations with the Designer to assist with the implementation of your design.

To begin our intake process, please contact us at 571-239-8845 or or complete our survey!