Here at Olamar Interiors, we’ve been focusing on photography a lot lately, and I’ve been really thinking about how to layer and accessorize for drama. On this blog post, I’ll share some of my tried-and-true tips, as well as some of the new things I’ve learned in my research.

Mix in books – Books are a great accessory as well as a conversation starter. Don’t be afraid to mix in books with your accessories on book shelves, coffee or console tables. For a little more drama, cover the books in bold, colorful or lively paper that coordinates with your décor. Get creative with their placement as well. Place some stacked horizontally along with some vertical and coordinated by height.

Scale – Don’t be afraid of adding dramatic pieces to your space, but consider grouping your accessories within scale of each other. Placing three large sculptural pieces on your large coffee table is often much more dramatic than adding many small pieces. Think about the surface size you are accessorizing and choose the scale of the display items accordingly.

Find a common character or theme – Consider grouping your accessories by color theme, or by finish, texture or item type. A group of similar style vases in two colors or in various tones of the same shade (say, purple, my favorite color right now) can add a lot of drama to a surface. A collection of rustic boxes or historical items can tell a story and add texture to a display.

Group for drama – Don’t be afraid to show off your collections. Displaying those items together will make it much more dramatic. It doesn’t have to be an expensive or formal collection. A large grouping of anything can create an interesting and unique display.