As I immerse myself in all things design this week at High Point Furniture Market, I can’t help but be reminded of the reasons I got into this business eleven years ago. I absolutely love beautiful things. But it’s not just that, it’s not things for the sake of having things. For me, the well-curated home is one that is absolutely and completely personal to those who inhabit it and call it home. Of course, it has to have balance and color and style and well-appointed touches of charm and personality. But it very much has to be the personality of all of those who live there. Whether you are a busy family of four, and you often feel like a taxi driver going from soccer to dance to music lessons; or if you are an empty-nesting couple, finally seeing all of the beautiful places of the world, your well-designed home has to feel like heaven when you finally arrive, exhausted at the end of the day from living your well-lived, busy lives.

I love home! And I want my clients to love their homes. That is what drives me. With each and every project my ultimate goal is to create a home for my clients that creates for them a feeling of joy, warmth, comfort and pride. I want them, their children, and their pets to have a space that is safe, surrounded by their memories and their favorite things, a place full of joy, love and comfort. All that home should be!

Annie Selke knows how to make a bed warm and inviting. This rose color is everywhere this season!

Caitlin’s hugging a gorgeous pup at a Crypton home promotion for Universal to the Trade Furniture.

I couldn’t help myself. I have to have one of these adorable stuffed animals, shown at the Nourison showroom.

My dream bed! So lush, and inviting! Everything a bed should be.