I want to move away a little from the “incorporating art into your design” topic we’ve been covering to give you an update on our fantastic outdoor design project we first blogged about back in June. The deck portion of the project is just about complete. We are only missing two chairs and a few plants to finalize the installation. I was there this morning with Jacob Rothlein, one of our preferred carpenters, installing our custom designed, custom made “candelier” over the dining table on the deck. I got an opportunity to see all of the furnishings and artwork installed for the first time. I say move away a little from the “incorporating art into your design topic” because I will take an opportunity to discuss how we used outdoor artwork to add flair and personality to this project.

This first photo is of Jacob, installing our candelier. He made a wood frame and custom stained it to match the candleholders we had purchased from Zgallerie. He found black chain and hooks in order to install the candleholders to his frame and installed the frame onto the client’s new pergola beam. The look is completely custom and unique and the candles will add ambiance while the clients are entertaining or enjoying their family dinner outdoors.

Here is the original floor plan for the deck layout. We wanted to create a couple of conversation and hang out areas for the family and for entertaining as well as add a large dining area. The challenges to the project were mainly the placement of the structural columns for the pergola, which seemed to split the areas in an awkward way, or so the client thought.

We added a small outdoor sectional from Lee Industries. It consists of three chairs and one ottoman, which creates a bench style seat. This “bench style seat” created by the ottoman, can act as additional seating for a 2nd conversation area we created with a large settee and the two accent chairs from West Elm (which haven’t yet arrived, over by the handrail. Four pebble tables, also from West Elm, can act as accent tables for placing drinks or can be additional seating during larger parties.

A large dining table from Oasiq with surrounded by 8 dining chairs from Harbour Outrdoor. The look is sleek and clean lined but extremely functional. We added the custom candelier over the table for ambiance and interest.

Many people forget that in order to create an outdoor “room” you have to treat it much like you would an indoor room. That includes adding artwork and accessories to give the space warmth and interest. In this case, we added an amazing sunburst mirror to punctuate the dining area. Four abstract wall pieces from Frontgate add color and give the seating area a lived in, room like feeling. We also added gorgeous outdoor accent pillows for punches of color to our seating. Etsy is a wonderful resource for all things art and pillows as well. The pillows on the sectional are from PopOColor. The two on the settee are from an online store called Deny Designs.

The highlight, and favorite part of this space for this family is the hanging outdoor egg chair. It finishes off our seating area in front of the sectional and is a fun, creative and extremely comfortable way to add seating to an otherwise awkward corner. Here is a photo of our client’s daughters enjoying the egg chair (the client gave us permission to post this photo).

The patio furniture should be arriving towards the end of September and I will post a similar update when that area is completed. We are so excited to see it come together!