My apologies for not blogging consistently during the last couple of weeks. Truth is we have been incredibly swamped with so many amazing projects and clients. It being spring time, I am certain that you are considering your own outdoor spaces and how you hope to use them during the warm weather months. Even if you have a small yard like I do, there is nothing like creating a warm, inviting outdoor space that can act as an extension of your home. We have been working on the design of our new patio space and in the meantime I’ve been looking at wonderful outdoor furniture that could easily be used indoors as well. The fabric options and creative designs available right now are remarkable. There are amazing accessories, and even outdoor lamps available now that can assist in really making your outdoor spaces truly look, feel and function like outdoor rooms.

We have been so blessed to have been hired to design an amazing outdoor space project by our past clients who own the most amazing home in Oakton, VA. These clients have always wanted to create a wonderful outdoor space in their expansive yard. This year they are taking the plunge and have designed and are in the process of constructing a spectacular deck with pergola and two amazing patio areas right outside their kitchen/breakfast room door. The large deck will boasts a built in kitchen with grill and refrigerator. The deck steps down to a smaller patio that will, in phase two or three of this amazing project, house a hot tub which will lead to amazing unground pool replete with pool house, another patio area and another kitchen area. This smaller patio leads to winding steps which end at a gigantic patio partially covered by the deck. The part that is not covered is rounded and had a gorgeous fire pit in the center. The part that is under the deck will be protected by under-decking and will house two modern ceiling fans with lights. It is a large area just outside French doors that lead into their basement where they have added a kitchenette for entertaining.

My task on this project is to design and furnish these outdoor living areas to create comfortable and stylish areas for family gatherings, enjoying the outdoors as well as entertaining small and large parties. Though the home is traditional in its architecture, the clients are anything but. In the interior I have assisted them with window treatments, accessories and finishing touches for their family room, kitchen and dining rooms. These rooms have very contemporary furnishings in a grey/blue/white color scheme. My intention is to make these outdoors spaces a continuation of their beautiful, clean lined interiors.

Here is a photo (that I took, so the quality is not great) of their family room which I assisted them with initially. I did the window treatments, area rug and accessorizing on the built in. Its is very sleek and modern with very clean lines, though the architecture of the home is quite traditional.

Here is a photo of the new deck under construction.

The view from the deck. Its a very large space. One challenge we have is the placement of the columns. We need to determine how to lay out the space to provide both seating areas and dining areas.

The deck will boast an amazing outdoor kitchen with grill and refrigerator.

As you step off the deck you land on a smaller patio which in phase II will house part of the Jacuzzi tub which will lead to the unground pool. For now it is a transitional space.

The curved steps lead down to two large, connected patios, one exposed and the other will be protected by the deck.

The first deck has a circular fire pit in the center. The thought is find circular seating to create a warm conversation around the fire pit.

The second patio area is protected by the deck by under-decking. It will have two ceiling fans with overhead lighting. We will also have to add some outdoor lamps to the space to allow for night entertaining. We want to create a comfortable seating area, or two in this space.

Overall this is going to be an amazing outdoor space and I am so excited to have been hired to design it for these clients.

Stay tuned as we design and implement this amazing outdoor project in the next couple of months…