This month I want to focus on something very intimate, but very important. They say that you should start every day by making your bed. Although I don’t always adhere to this, there is something to be said for those days that my bed does get made. So this month, here are some tips for how to dress your bed so that your morning and your night get off to the right start. Enjoy! – Paola

To create a beautiful bed, you need to have the basics. These include sheets (one each, fitted and flat), good pillows and a comfy cover and the accents. (adapted from frontgate dot com/inspiredliving)

Begin with a great duvet cover, comforter or coverlet and coordinating shams. First, fold the cover about halfway down the length of the bed and follow by folding the flat sheet and coverlet about one-quarter of the way. Lean two or three large Euro pillows upright against the headboard. These pillows act as a visual anchor—and lend perfect support for reading in bed.

Next, lean a pair of queen or king size bed pillows against the Euros. If buying these new, choose a construction (goose down, memory foam, etc.) and a firmness that correspond to your sleeping preference.

Consider the accents and accessories. For a more lavish look, arrange a set of standard-size shams against the bed pillows. These accent pillows add delectable dimension, particularly in luxe materials with beautiful embellishments.

Layer in pillows of assorted shapes and fabrics that coordinate with your bedding set. These confections are easily switched out according to season (or whim) so don’t be afraid to go bold with beaded accents or trendy patterns.

Drape a throw across the foot of the bed. For a more casual look, toss it across one of the corners and let it cascade to the floor. Tip: A faux fur throw adds an irresistible touch of glamour and warmth.

On a designer bed, creating contrast is one of the keys. Play around with turning down sheets and coverlets at different lengths of your bed for added impact. Overlap pillows, set them at an angle or even stack them.